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Not torture, only “roughing up”

The Defence Board according to its secretary Dr Roger Luncheon believes too that there have been no acts of torture committed against persons who were burnt, sodomised and badly beaten allegedly by members of the joint services while in custody. The Defence Board sees the actions as roughing up, a description also used by the agriculture minister Robert Persaud.

But the bruises and burns of the men who are claiming torture at the hands of the joint services tell a different story and the opposition parties and human rights groups are all up in arms over the administration’s response to claims.

There have been calls for a report on the torture allegations to be made public. That report has been seen by a few chosen ones and they are presenting very few chosen excerpts of the report. Dr. Luncheon would not go into the detail of the report today but raised his own concerns over the move by the opposition party to get the issue debated in the national assembly.

There have been numerous complaints of torture by the security forces. Persons who were held as suspects for one case or the other complained of being taken to an army camp along the linden highway where they were badly beaten and burnt and in some cases even sodomised with sharp wooden objects.

Information that they said they never had in the first place. The men would be released with their badly burnt and battered bodies without ever being charged for anything, all a part of the joint services way of carrying out investigations, the opposition believes. A way of business that cannot be accepted the PNC says.

There have been at least 2 deaths in the past few months blamed on excesses by members of the joint services.

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