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Guyana backing Obama as America Votes

While many across the US do not want to say it, this election really is about acceptance that any one with merit and the potential to be president can be president of the most powerful nation and powerful democracy in the world. That is a perspective that has become very clear to Caribbean/Guyanese resident in the US and who have become or are US citizens.


According to professor emeritus at Hunter College, Arnold Gibbons what this elections affords America and the world is to make a quantum shift in political allegiance and invest their hopes and aspirations in someone who does not look like the majority of the population of the US.


In the largely Minority populated borough of Brooklyn, those from Guyana and the rest of the Caribbean have no doubts about their allegiance. At Sally’s West Indian restaurant, the patrons are greeted with signs of the team who they think should lead the US.


In the Flatbush area, those who feel strongly that change is coming are saying that it will come.


No matter how positive persons feel that the President would be the son of an African immigrant and European American from Kansas, some forty years after the Civil Rights movement swept America, it still comes down to the ballot box, and that we will all know, unless the voting machines give trouble. 


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