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Where is the Roger Khan laptop? Government says in good hands

The location of the infamous piece of equipment that some refer to as a laptop used by Guyanese contractor Shaheed Roger Khan to triangulate cell phone calls is being questioned again.


Capitol News has learnt that among the items seized from the offices of former Roger Khan’s attorney Rober Simels may be equipment used by Khan himself in Guyana. Khan, his former attorney Simels and the attorney’s associate Arienne Irving were all arrested for trying to neutralize or eliminate witnesses.


Now the opposition PNCR has raised the issue of the laptop again. The party wants to know the whereabouts of the laptop that the Prime Minister told the National Assembly is in good hands. But the PNC R leader Robert Corbin wants to know in whose hands are these good hands and in which state these hands may be


Meantime Shaheed Roger Khan who had said that he was fighting for the Ruling Party to prevent the opposition party from destabilizing the government will have another day in court in four weeks time. He goes back to court on November 14th for both his narcotics case and his witness tampering one.


He has decided to retain his Florida attorney John Bergendahl although a possible conflict of interest situation may arise at his narcotics trial. His attorney is representing another Guyanese client who has had illegal contact with persons associated with Khan and may have been acting on his behalf. Khan also has two weeks to retain more attorneys for his narcotics trial that was set to start on November 3rd but which has been rescheduled to next year.


Khan is facing twenty one counts in the United States ranging from 18 for narcotics related offences, one of witness tampering and two in Vermont. He also fled prosecution when he was in Vermont but has not been charged for that as yet.

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