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Water is life, so pay for it- GWI Chief Executive

Persons continue to complain about those huge water bills which have been turning up in their mail boxes, more than the water has been turning up in their taps. The Guyana Water Incorporated is saying that the reason so many of those water bills are running up in the thousands of dollars is simply because consumers have not been paying for their water supply. The GWI is adamant that regardless of its supply schedule and the quality of its water, you owe it to yourself and the company to pay those bills.


Consumers have been complaining about receiving water bills that date back up to 4 years and receiving disconnection threats too. GWI Chief Executive Officer Karan Singh said living in the land of many waters doesn’t mean you’ll get all that water for free.


But there’s also the issue of estimated bills. No one visits your home, no one reads the water meter, if one exists, but you are handed a bill that estimates how much water you would have used or should have been using.


In many cases, those bills are far from reality. The GWI admits that in some cases, it should take the blame, but still that doesn’t mean you should not pay for water supply. They want you to give GWI the same treatment you give GT&T and GPL; Pay your bills.


Just recently the Public Utilities commission hosted a public forum on the operations of the water company as part of an investigation following complaints from consumers.


Consumer groups have been flooded with complaints about GWI. The Water company doesn’t appear too worried, as long as the payment for water flows, even if the water doesn’t.

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