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Mentally Ill man beaten to death in Brickdam lock ups

Mystery surrounds the death of a prison inmate who succumbed under mysterious circumstances in the Brickdam lock ups.


Dead is James Nelson, a 47 year old mentally ill man from Stanley Town on the West Bank of Demerara.

According to reports the man was arrested following an altercation outside the ministry of Home Affairs last Monday.


His family is reporting that the man suffered from a mental disorder and may have wondered off from his West Bank Demerara home a few days ago.


It is unclear whether Nelson was beaten by other inmates in the lock ups or by the police officers at the station.


At the scene this morning family members gathered in disbelief as word spread of the man’s death. His family said they were not allowed to see his body but were asked to provide the investigators with a statement.


Over the years a number of inmates have succumbed while in custody at the Brickdam police station.

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