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New US Ambassador ready to tackle drug trafficking problems

The new US ambassador to Guyana John Jones has indicated that before he arrived in Guyana he was in discussion with the Drug Enforcement Agency on operations in the country. Ambassador Jones told Capitol news that although there are budgetary constraints he hopes to make a statement on the issue of Drug Enforcement within a year.


There are Drug Enforcement Agency offices in various CARICOM countries but just talk about one being located in Guyana


Dealing with the problem of narcotics trafficking, the new US ambassador said that efforts are being made to tackle the problem from the supply and demand sides. He added that not because the US is seen as a Major Consuming nation that the problem must only be tackled by the US.


The ambassador noted that “if you address it only as a consuming nation, the countries through which these poisons pass will also be consumed, so to put the blame on the United States because we are a large consuming nation is an avoidance of the issue”


The ambassador who is also an attorney at law pointed out that the US will continue to prosecute persons involved in the trade once they have been found and are in the US jurisdiction. It will continue to collaborate with Law enforcement bodies in the region.


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