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NCN journalist remembered for her love for life and daughter

Investigations continue into Saturday’s fatal accident in Amelia’s Ward Linden which claimed the lives of NCN Journalist Akila Jacobs and GT&T contract driver Terrence Tappin.

Tappin’s bus slammed into the back of a moving truck and survivors say the man was speeding. A number of other persons including media workers were seriously injured in the tragic accident. They were all returning from a GT&T assignment at Ituni and were all eager to get home to their loved ones. Loved ones like two year old Akera, the daughter of the late NCN reporter.

Two year old Akera does not know that she will no longer be able to hug and kiss her mommy again. She does not know that her mother can no longer tuck her in at nights. All she knows right now is that she wants her mommy, but relatives are finding it a difficult task to explain to the toddler that mommy would never be coming back home.

For those who knew the NCN journalist best, her daughter was her joy and everlasting love. You couldn’t help but notice a glow on her face whenever she spoke of little Akera. Just moments before the minibus she was travelling in slammed into the back of a moving truck, Akela called home to find out from her sister how her daughter was doing. Her sister Malika Jacobs, said she did not put the daughter on the phone to talk to her mom, it’s a decision she now regrets.

Malika said Akila was the sister she couldn’t help but love. They shared many good times and many bad ones too.

Akila Jacobs was a good listener. You had something to say and she would listen and with a curious mind would ask questions. Her mom said that trait will never be forgotten and she may have had a love for the journalism field from very young.

Akila’s mom said she last saw and spoke to her daughter on Friday. It was a mother to daughter conversation she will never forget.

Akila Jacobs began her television career as a morning show host with GWTV. She eventually moved to the newsroom and also worked at VCT’s evening News and the Kaieteur News.

Akila Jacobs always had a smile on her face. She did not hide that smile on Saturday morning when her workmates flashed a photograph of her just before leaving for Ituni, not knowing it was the last smile, from a good friend.

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