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1 2 3 Redlight: Magistrate Guilhuys on 6 traffic charges

City Magistrate Gordon Guilhuys appeared in court Monday morning, finding himself on the other side of the bench. The Magistrate is facing 6 charges in relation to an accident that occurred on the 2nd October on Mandela avenue. The charges range from careless driving and driving an unlicensed vehicle to failure to produce a drivers’ license.

When he appeared in court, acting Chief Magistrate Melissa Robertson-Ogle called him along with his attorneys into her chambers enquiring whether they would want the matter to be heard in chambers, they did not and the matter was heard in open court.

Magistrate Guilhuys stood and pleaded not guilty to all six charges. He appeared at a lost over the proceedings and at least on two occasions was told to keep his hands to his side and not have them folded.

His attorney told the court that the magistrate had all of his documents in place at the time of the accident which he described as minor. He said he finds it interesting that the other driver involved in the accident and the police officers who reportedly conducted the investigations were all absent from court.

At that stage, the police prosecutor said the witnesses and much more of the evidence would come up during the trial and not the initial appearance, but the prosecutor raised serious concerns about the documents for the magistrates vehicle stating that the registration number for the vehicle involved in the accident is not the same as the number on the registration and insurance documents presented to the court.

The presiding magistrate called the defendant and his attorneys and the prosecutor to approach the bench and for several minutes they discussed the different numbers.

At the end of that conference, the defence attorney said all documents were changed over at the end of September and that the magistrate changed his registration number citing security concerns. The prosecutor held on to her concerns about the different numbers and wanted to see the registration and other documents for the vehicle bearing the registration number that is before the courts.

Defence attorneys at first called for the charges to be dismissed and later said they would like the file to be sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions for advice since the prosecutor was not in possession of the entire file.

The acting Chief Magistrate gave October 30th as the date for a report from the prosecution. Guilhuys was released on self bail. As he left the courtroom, he said he remains surprised by the charges.

Magistrate Guilhuys in an off camera interview with this newscast last week complained about police harassment, stating that the force has become “a law unto itself”. He believes that he is being targeted. The Police Commissioner on Friday said the magistrate is not being targeted and that as a former policeman the force has nothing but love for him, but that should not erase the fact that when one breaks the law, they must deal with the consequences.

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