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Showdown at Sparendaam. Lawyer and Magistrate clash over News report

Attorney Glen Hannoman intends to write the Judcial Service Commisison and the Bar Association over the conduct of Magistrate Yohhannseh Cave. The attorney’s decision came as a result of what onlookers describe as “verbal warfare” between the attorney and the magistrate at the Sparendaam Magistrates’ Court today.

Hannoman said he will not let the incident slide. Magistrate Cave halted the matter indicating that he has information that it was Hannoman who is behind a Kaieteur News report about the court and the way he deal with cases.

The magistrate told the attorney that he has already begun legal proceedings in the matter and since the possibility exists that the attorney may be apart of those proceedings, he does not believe he should deal with cases where Hannoman is the attorney.


Hannoman objected and told Capitol News that any such move would impact on his career and his right to practice. The attorney said he was verbally assaulted by the magistrate who was acting on “hear say”.

Hannoman said the magistrate after speaking out attacking his integrity did not want to listen to his side of the story and threatened to throw him in the lock ups, should he say anything that he the magistrate would see as disrespectful.


Hannoman said he was forced to remind the magistrate that he was “practicing law in the same courtroom long before the magistrate decided to go to law school”. The heated exchange which went on in front of several other attorneys and persons in the court ended when the attorney charged out of the courtroom.


Magistrate Cave is upset with a recent report in the press about the court and the problem with cases there. Sources close to the magistrate say the magistrate may be upset by the fact that he may not be responsible for the many delays at the courthouse.

The magistrate has been trying to get the police force to put its house in order. On many occasions, cases would come up and police statements and evidence would not be available forcing delays.

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