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“Official” Tourism Magazines in Guyana?

The Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana (THAG) is facing off with the Guyana Tourism Authority over the production of a tourism magazine.

THAG has producing Explore Guyana, and dubbing it the official tourist guide of Guyana, but the Guyana Tourism Authority(GTA), which is the government regulatory body, wants THAG to stop using that tagline. The reason? The GTA is moving to produce 25,000 copies of its own tourism magazine, titled Destination Guyana.

But THAG past president Cathy Hughes told a press conference that THAG has been producing Explore Guyana as the official tourist guide of Guyana and does not intend to change that.

The Tourism Association is protesting too about the publication of a new tourism magazine by the government because it is worried about its advertising dollar. In fact, THAG is insisting that the producer of the government magazine has been calling its sponsors and asking them to switch their advertisements. But as far as the Minister of Tourism Manniram Prashad is concerned, the advertisers have to decide on where they would get the best value for their money.

THAG’s argument is that the Board of the GTA has not authorized the publication of a magazine which mirrors Explore Guyana.

In the end, it seems THAG will be producing a magazine and so will the GTA, and it appears that both will be the official tourist guide of Guyana. Forget the advertisers, the tourists will now have to decide which to pick up, but then again, both magazines will be free. THAG and the Minister of Tourism are hoping to meet each other to thrash out the issue.

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