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Cocaine in Rice to Jamaica

The  Guyana Police Narcotics Section is continuing to investigate who stuffed a container of Rice destined for Jamaica with over three point seven five million US dollars worth (that’s the street value) of cocaine.  Based on the wholesale value of the cocaine out of Guyana, it meant that someone in the country was able to secure the cocaine at a cost of 75 million Guyana dollars. On the street in the US the cocaine sells for ten times that price.


The police investigators are following leads that would point to when the seals on the container were secured, by whom and whether the seals that were affixed in Georgetown were the identical ones with which the container arrived in Jamaica. Several weeks ago another shipment arrived in Jamaica with cocaine and seals that were different from the ones with which the container was sent.


The police have not indicated whatever happened to the investigation in that earlier shipment of over 11 kilos. Police sources say that they are working with their Jamaican counterparts, the consignee and the shipper to get to the bottom of this latest 150 kilo cocaine in rice shipment. The 150 kilos of cocaine left Guyana on October 3rd and arrived in Jamaica a few days later.


Capitol News understands that the method of concealment is also being examined by the law enforcement officials. The method suggests that there may have been collusion in getting the drugs out of the country.


They were several cocaine shipments of over 150 kilos including ones concealed in Fish, Lumber, and suitcases through Guyana’s seaports over the years to places like Brooklyn, Bristol and Baltimore. In every single one of these cases persons including Guyanese living abroad have been arrested and convicted of these crimes in the countries where the drugs landed. However at the source or transit point that is in Guyana, no one has ever been convicted, an investigation has never been concluded nor has anyone ever been extradited in connected with any drug busts overseas in the past decade and a half.

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