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AFC hangs up on Wiretapping Bill

The Parliamentary Minority Party the Alliance for Change is not about to support the telecommunications and interception bills that were tabled in parliament recently.

The two bills deal with the wire tapping of telephone conversations, interception of email and other forms of electronic communication.

The party at a press conference on Wednesday called for the withdrawal and wide spread public consultations on the bills in their present form.


While agreeing that crime must be suppressed the AFC believes that citizen’s rights must also be protected and that there are no structures in place in Guyana to monitor and supervise the power that will be placed in the hands of the government.


According to the AFC the introduction of the two bills was part of Caricom’s security arrangements discussed during the upsurge in crime in the region, but Guyana is going at it all alone. The Administration claims that the telecommunications and interception bills of 2008 are expected to assist the local law enforcement agencies in their crime fighting efforts.

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