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Army’s aircorp flying high

The Guyana Defence Force’s BELL 412 chopper which is over 30 years old and has been down for over a year, is expected to be back up and running within a week, bringing to 3, the number of working helicopters in the army’s air corp.


The bell 412 which was bought under the Forbes Burnham administration is considered an all terrain superior aircraft which can maneuver its way in dense forests and between mountains under any type of weather.


But its maintenance comes with a hefty price tag and that’s the reason why the aircraft has been down for so long. So concerned is the Guyana government about the maintenance costs, that it had hinted at a possible sale. Its not clear whether the government will go ahead with plans to put the helicopter on the auction block.


 Aviation experts are critical of any such move, saying that once the chopper is up and running, it should only be used for special assignments.


And the Guyana Defence Force is not saying much on the operations of its other 2 helicopters which were recently bought to assist in the crime fight, but it appears as though the army would rather show you that the helicopters are in good working conditions and operating just fine.


The army’s air corps has begun an exercise across the city, checking out possible landing spots to be sure that just in case of any type of situation or emergency, its pilots would know the best landing grounds in the city.


Both helicopters were busy yesterday with the exercise, at one stage land hovering over the parade ground, just outside the capitol news offices on Carmichael street.


There have been concerns over this helicopter, the last of the 2 bell 206 to arrive after it encountered engine troubles at an interior location and was grounded. Those engine troubles are clearly over and the chopper which is fitted with a number of fancy gadgets has begun routine surveillance exercises in a number of areas across the country, capitol news understands.


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