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ACDA claims that the electoral system is a racial census



The African Cultural Development Association (ACDA) that told African Guyanese “A Winner Takes All election” is not in their interest is maintaining that position now that several thousand African Guyanese may have listened to the organization’s plea and not voted.


In a statement issued on Friday, ACDA claims that the political/electoral system is a racial census and the African Community has nothing to gain from such elections. ACDA says African Guyanese now have less political power and what it called the Indian Guyanese political power house the PPPC has now tightened its grip not only on the Parliament but the entire country. ACDA claims that the tyranny of the majority will now become the order of the day.


The organization added “until there is justice there can be no peace”. ACDA stated the peace crusaders and their foreign allies have succeeded in promoting racial domination in Guyana with what ACDA called their campaign of peace without justice.


In allowing the elections to be held in a tranquil atmosphere ACDA contended African Guyanese helped to expose to the world that this flawed “democratic process” has nothing in it for Africans. That in itself is a powerful political statement on behalf of African Guyanese people.


And Capitol News understands that although there are attempts to disprove the fact that persons voted soundly on race, the figures show differently. Samples of various polling stations indicate that.  In one glaring case where they were 100 Indians on the list, 97 voted for the PPP/C of the others on the list a mixture of the Africans, one Portuguese and mixed persons, the PNC/R received 29 votes, the AFC 15, Justice for All one and the United Force one totaling 143 votes out of 144 voters.



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